ISPI is excited to introduce a new piece of equipment, the OHD Quantifit! The Quantifit is, in fact, the best instrument available when performing a Quantitative Respirator Fit Test. Why?…

OHD has provided top-quality equipment and services to health care providers of occupational medicine. These products range from vision and hearing to OHD Fit Testers, spirometers, intoxylizers, and other products that relate to employee care.


1. It offers the fastest quantitative fit test possible. It takes as little as 2-3 minutes to complete a quantitative fit test.

2. It offers unrivaled accuracy. The Quantifit’s known calibrated leak is 97.9% with a coefficient of variation of 4.3% (Excellent Reproducibility).

3. It is not environmentally dependent. It uses air as a challenge agent; air may contain particles, vapors or gases. What if the contaminant is a vapor or gas? Typically these are the more threatening contaminants.

4. There are no issues with smokers when using the Quantifit. A fit test can begin immediately, even if the person has just smoked.

5. It does a direct measurement of leakage. The ability to do a direct measurement offers the speed and accuracy advantage.


“The Chicago Fire Department implemented the OHD Quantifit for NFPA compliant SCBA fit testing.  The Quantifit has increased our speed, accuracy, and ability to manage reports using OHD’s FitTrack Gold software.” Chief Robert Anthony, Chicago Fire Department


“The OHD Quantifit provides us with confidence that our masks fit properly, and will help to protect Philadelphia Police Officers in the line of duty. We are able to efficiently and quickly fit test our personnel, with the most accurate fit test available. This has made the Quantifit a great addition to our respirator protection program.”  Matthew Fleming Philadelphia Police Department, Counter-Terrorism Operations

For more information about respirator use in your workplace, contact us! Or click on the links below for OSHA and Cal/OSHA’s respiratory protection standard.